Sweet Home Rhodochrosite, Pyrite & Quartz on Tetrahedrite
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Sweet Home Rhodochrosite, Pyrite & Quartz on Tetrahedrite (Ref: TZ18-SWHM)

Sweet Home Mine, Alma, Park Co., Colorado
52mm x 73mm x 34mm
Sweet Home Mine rhodochrosite specimens are among the most sought after rhodochrosites in the world. This one is a great combo with the cherry-red rhodochrosite and shiny, golden pyrite along with clear quartz crystals on a dark tetrahedrite matrix which gives great contrast for all the colors. The largest rhodochrosite crystal is 1.4cm long and has very good red color and transparency. Most of these smaller specimens that you'll see for sale have a more salmon color to them, but this one has the cherry red that is most desired. 
Data last checked on 23rd Jul 2022 - specimen may no longer be available

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