Rhodochrosite with Quartz, Chalcopyrite and Pyrite
Rhodochrosite with Quartz, Chalcopyrite and Pyrite
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Rhodochrosite with Quartz, Chalcopyrite and Pyrite (Ref: EPQ46AO0)

Champion Mine, Cinnamon Pass, Lake City, Hinsdale County, Colorado  USA
66mm x 44mm x 35mm
minID: DU5-U7E
Groups of profiled rhombohedral Rhodochrosite crystals, with an intense color, on matrix. Associated with small Quartz crystals and Chalcopyrite and Pyrite coatings. The specimen, an old American classic, comes from the Bob and Jeanette Barnes collection.
Champion Mine, Cinnamon Pass, Lake City, Hinsdale County, Colorado  USA

Specimen size: 6.6 × 4.4 × 3.5 cm = 2.60” × 1.73” × 1.38”

Main crystal size: 0.2 × 0.2 cm = 0.08” × 0.08”Sorry. This specimen has been sold. Please view alternatives below.

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