Albite ( var. Moonstone )
Albite ( var. Moonstone ) Albite ( var. Moonstone ) Albite ( var. Moonstone )
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Albite ( var. Moonstone ) (Ref: RG0971)

Skarvegergbukta, Seiland Island, Alta, Finnmark Fylke, Norway
39mm x 38mm x 29mm
minID: HPM-W90
Lustrous, translucent crystals of Albite (var. Moonstone) exhibit a nice blue Schiller-effect typical of moonstone on this specimen from Norway. The largest Albite measures 20 x 15 x 6 mm. Most all the Albite display a schiller, but are difficult to photograph. This is a rare example of well crystallized moonstone, collected by Torgeir Garmo, and it is in good condition.

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