Rhodochrosite on Quartz from Silverton, Colorado
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Rhodochrosite on Quartz from Silverton, Colorado (Ref: JV20-SILRHO)

American Tunnel, Silverton, Colorado, USA
140mm x 92mm x 40mm
Most collectors are familiar with the rhombohedral rhodochrosite specimens from the Sweet Home Mine in Colorado, but this comes from a different location and is from an older find dating from the 1970's. This specimen is from the American Tunnel in Silverton, Colorado, and it is a superb example from that location! The matrix is a pure white quartz with beautiful florets of crystals. There are some tiny pyrite crystals on the quartz as well. The Rhodochrosite itself is very nicely formed and has a wonderful pink color, typical of this location. The condition is outstanding with no damage other than where the specimen was trimmed on the edges. The face of the specimen is perfect with no dings, cleaves, or repairs. Sorry. This specimen has been sold. Please view alternatives below.

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