Hematite (variety iron rose) with Quartz
Hematite (variety iron rose) with Quartz Hematite (variety iron rose) with Quartz
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Hematite (variety iron rose) with Quartz

Jinlong Hill, Longchuan, Heyuan Prefecture, Guangdong Province  China
minID: 7UX-821
181mm x 102mm x 73mm
$912 *
Rosette-like growths of very flattened sharp lenticular Hematite crystals with good luster and on a matrix of Quartz crystals. A modern classic which is now scarce due to the disappearance of the locality where they used to be found.
Jinlong Hill, Longchuan, Heyuan Prefecture, Guangdong Province  China

Specimen size: 18.1 × 10.2 × 7.3 cm = 7.13” × 4.02” × 2.87”
Data last checked on 3rd Dec 2021 - specimen may no longer be available

Ref: TD53AL7
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