Faujasite with Augite in Limbergite matrix
Faujasite with Augite in Limbergite matrix Faujasite with Augite in Limbergite matrix Faujasite with Augite in Limbergite matrix
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Faujasite with Augite in Limbergite matrix (Ref: 20.1-916)

Sasbach, Kaiserstuhl, Baden, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
53mm x 42mm x 38mm
minID: 8PR-GY3
An old specimen of this rather scarce Zeolite specie from the most prolific locality at Sasbach, Germany. Many small cavities on all sides hold white linings of tiny Faujasite crystals and botryoidal masses. The crystals are typically very tiny octahedra best seen with good magnification. Some small Augite crystals are also present. This is not an "esthetic" specie with crystals typically under 1 mm, but this is a good example none the less. Ex. R and A Palmer collection from the Joe Mandarino study suite. Sorry. This specimen has been sold. Please view alternatives below.

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