Topaz with Cleavelandite
Topaz with Cleavelandite Topaz with Cleavelandite Topaz with Cleavelandite Topaz with Cleavelandite Topaz with Cleavelandite
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Topaz with Cleavelandite "tiara" (Ref: GEM17-04)

Dassu, Skardu Dist, Baltistan, Pakistan
40mm x 40mm x 20mm
minID: 96J-MLQ
This is a Topaz with Cleavelandite "tiara" from Dassu, Skardu Dist, Baltistan, Pakistan. Partially wreathed by snow-white blades of cleavelandite that accentuate the gemminess and sharpness of the termination here, this is a single, glassy and gemmy, champagne-colored topaz crystal measuring 4.4 cm in length.
Data last checked on 3rd Oct 2022 - specimen may no longer be available

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