Mineral Specimens from Le Comptoir Géologique

We are a French company create in 2009 by the geologist and gemmologist Rémi Bornet. We want to offer you some uncommon, hard to find and beautiful specimens. You will discover many French and from worldwide mineralogical pieces and gemstones. We hope you will enjoy items of our website and you could enrich your collections!
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Pyrite Peru
Huanzala Mine, Bolognesi Province, Ancash Department, Peru
$14 *
29mm x 22mm x 16mm
Aragonite 80,50 ct
$46 *
51mm x 31mm x 6mm
Citrine 1,47 ct
Anahi Ametrine Mine, Bolivia
$63 *
9mm x 7mm x 4mm
Dendritic Jasper 31,30 ct
$23 *
33mm x 21mm x 6mm
Wulfenite Slovenia
Helena Mine, Mezica, Slovenia
$92 *
77mm x 45mm x 25mm
Emerald Panjshir
Panjshir, Afghanistan
$69 *
11mm x 3mm x 2mm
Galena Peyrebrune
Peyrebrune, Tarn, France
$17 *
51mm x 40mm x 27mm
Prase Quartz 20,15 ct
$29 *
30mm x 17mm x 5mm
Calcite Lacaune
Lacaune, Tarn (81), France
$17 *
55mm x 44mm x 32mm
Labradorite 12,63 ct
$12 *
23mm x 14mm x 5mm
Gold Obsidian 35,75 ct
$35 *
28mm x 28mm x 6mm
Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India
$12 *
48mm x 45mm x 28mm
Amethyst Pégut
Pégut, Vernet-La-Varenne District, Puy-de-Dôme (63), France
$8 *
29mm x 19mm x 21mm
Hematite Montroc
Montroc, Tarn, France
$29 *
86mm x 69mm x 37mm
Astrophyllite 23,00 ct
Kola, Russia
$46 *
32mm x 20mm x 4mm
Quartz Echassières
Echassières, Allier (03), France
$14 *
98mm x 56mm x 38mm
Analcime Port d'Agrès
Port d'Agrès, Aveyron (12), France
$58 *
71mm x 30mm x 28mm
Quartz Echassières
Echassières, Allier (03), France
$17 *
67mm x 51mm x 57mm
Lussatite Dallet
Mine des Rois, Dallet, Puy-de-Dôme (63), France
$23 *
40mm x 28mm x 18mm
Malachite 41,34 ct
$17 *
28mm x 20mm x 5mm
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