Mineral Specimens from Well-Arranged Molecules

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Calcite - optically clear single crystal - ex. W. I. Johansson
Charcas, San Luis Potosi, Mexico
45mm x 31mm x 22mm
Fluorite on Quartz
Orange River, Namakwa, Northern Cape Province, South Africa
36mm x 14mm x 13mm
Fluorite - modified gem clear cubes
Xiayang, Yongchun County, Quanzhou Prefecture, Fujian Province, China
51mm x 43mm x 34mm
Malone Quarries, Hastings Co., Ontario, Canada
35mm x 29mm x 33mm
Beryl Var Goshenite -Highly etched crystal.
Urucum Mine, Galileia, Minas Gerais, Brazil
38mm x 26mm x 18mm
Apatite CaF on Calcite - classic Canadian
Faraday Mine, Farady Township, Bancroft District, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
91mm x 54mm x 29mm
Spessartine on Galena
Broken Hill, Yancowinna County, New South Wales, Australia
50mm x 43mm x 34mm
Wulfenite w. Calcite & Plattnerite
Ahmad Abad Mine, Yazd Province, Iran
48mm x 49mm x 30mm
Pyrolusite - well-formed crystals, vintage
Ahmeek Mine, Ahmeek, Keweenaw County, Michigan, United States
83mm x 67mm x 37mm
N Chwaning Mine, Kalahari Fields, Kuruman, Northern Cape Province, South Africa
38mm x 34mm x 22mm
Rhodochrosite on Galena and Acanthite with Fluorite
Wutong Mine, Liubao, Cangwu Co. Wuzoh Pref., Guizhou Province, China
66mm x 50mm x 38mm
Dolomite- cast with two generations
Tsumeb, Otjikoto Region, Namibia
65mm x 38mm x 28mm
Cerro de Concordia, Piedra Parada, Veracruz, Mexico
94mm x 70mm x 41mm
Barite on Calcite - USA classic locale
Stoneham, Weld County, Colorado, United States
55mm x 34mm x 22mm
Cassiterite variety Needle Tin
Minera Monserrat, Challapampa, Poopo Province, Oruro Department, Bolivia
56mm x 55mm x 34mm
Barite with Calcite and Chalcopyrite
Niobec Mine, St Honore, Quebec, Canada
51mm x 35mm x 17mm
Grossular on Diopside
Jeffrey Mine, Asbestos, Quebec, Canada
68mm x 47mm x 21mm
Quartz on Sphalerite and Galena
Krushev Dol Mine, Madan, Rhodope Mts., Smolyan Oblast, Bulgaria
109mm x 65mm x 0mm
Beryl var. Aquamarine
Shigar, Skardu District, Baltistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
29mm x 24mm x 20mm
Scheelite on Quartz with Calcite, Cassiterite etc
Yaogangxian Mine, Yizhang County, Chenzhou Pref., Hunan Province, China
78mm x 63mm x 31mm
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