Hematite specimens

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Quartz on Hematite after Ilvaite(?)
Bessemer Ridge, North Bend, King Co., Washington, USA
120mm x 90mm x 50mm
Hematite with Orthoclase
Fedenstock in the Fellital, Uri, Switzerland
26mm x 15mm x 6mm
Hematite with Orthoclase, Fluorapatite
Urnerloch, Andermatt, Uri, Switzerland
27mm x 14mm x 12mm
Hematite after Magnetite (variety martite)
Payún Matru Volcano, Malargüe, Malargüe Department, Mendoza Province  Argentina
$1020 *
114mm x 87mm x 46mm
Quartz with Hematite, Calcite
Republic mine, Marquette Co., Michigan, USA
120mm x 80mm x 20mm
Quartz on Hematite with Dolomite
Cleator Moor Iron Mines, Cleator Moor, West Cumberland (Cumbria), England
54mm x 25mm x 25mm
Goethite/Hematite mix. Ps. Calcite
Jokers Wild Pocket, Ace in the Hole Claim, Florissant, Teller Co., Colorado, USA
110mm x 90mm x 70mm
Iron Hill District, Doña Ana County, New Mexico, USA
85mm x 82mm x 44mm
Hematite with Prehnite
Imilchil area, Anti-Atlas, Er Rachidia Province, Drâa-Tafilalet Region  Morocco
$201 *
93mm x 87mm x 69mm
Calcite with Dolomite, Hematite
Fangchang mine, Wuhu, Anhui, China
130mm x 50mm x 50mm
RUTILE on HEMATITE - Novo Horizonte, Bahia, Brazil
Hematite with Quartz
Veta Grande claim, La Paz Co., Arizona, USA
55mm x 40mm x 10mm
Pyrite on Galena With Hematite
Elba Island, Livorno Province, Tuscany, Italy
120mm x 90mm x 60mm
Hematite with Rutile
Cavradi, Graubunden, Switzerland
25mm x 20mm x 2mm
Apatite, hematite, quartz and actinolite pseudo. after pyroxene
Imilchil area, Er Rachidia Province, Morocco
42mm x 40mm x 34mm
Amethyst with Goethite / Hematite - Rubeho Mountains, Kilosa District, Morogoro Region, Tanzania
Rubeho Mountains, Kilosa District, Morogoro Region, Tanzania
53mm x 37mm x 32mm
Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Brazil
55mm x 50mm x 15mm
Rutile with Hematite
Caí bom Mine, Novo Horizonte, Bahia, Northeast Region  Brazil
$1047 *
45mm x 30mm x 9mm
Quartz (variety smoky) with Hematite inclusions
Uri  Switzerland
$242 *
65mm x 36mm x 27mm
Iron Hill District, Doña Ana County, New Mexico, USA
44mm x 31mm x 25mm
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