Quartz ( var. Smoky )
Quartz ( var. Smoky )
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Quartz ( var. Smoky ) (Ref: Q220)

Fundao, Espirito Santo, Southeast Region, Brazil
136mm x 69mm x 50mm
minID: K6X-MD8
This exceptional, large, sceptered Quartz has a lustrous, gemmy head which grades from amethystine at its tip to a nice smoky color. It is perched on a light smoky shaft, which merges into a base of flattened opaque, whitish Quartz, with small books of silvery Muscovite. The reverse of the base is coated with fine Muscovite, and the specimen is complete all around, with just one broken point on the matrix. The scepter head is pristine under 10x loupe. This is an old Rocksmiths specimen.

ex. Carolyn Seitz collection

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