Calcite Calcite
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Calcite (Ref: AA04)

Huerfano Co., Colorado, USA
143mm x 95mm x 71mm
minID: R3V-W59
Many rhombs of translucent Calcite to 10 mm, with satiny luster, richly cover this attractive specimen from a large concretion. The Calcite are perched on yellowish-tan rhombs of earlier Calcites to 7 mm, which provides nice contrast. It is in excellent condition, I can see only one or two small bruises at the margin with a 10x loupe, and it has a sawn base. The two generations of well-crystallized Calcite make this unique. Collected by Amanda Adkins (of Prospector's fame) on July 30, 2013.

ex. Amanda Atkins specimen

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