GARNET var. HESSONITE - Jeffrey Mine, Canada
GARNET var. HESSONITE - Jeffrey Mine, Canada GARNET var. HESSONITE - Jeffrey Mine, Canada
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GARNET var. HESSONITE - Jeffrey Mine, Canada (Ref: SZM0046)

minID: GYL-CN1
Jeffrey Mine ("Johns-Manville Mine"), Val-des-Sources, Les Sources RCM, Estrie, Qu├ębec, Canada
17,80 x 10,30 x 5,30 cm
1120 g
Magnificent specimen of Grenat Hessonite of color orange champagne with beautiful architecture. This piece presents Garnet everywhere, front and back. The largest Garnet are centimetric (up to 1.30 cm in diameter). This piece is sold with its custom base made by us.
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