Quartz with Chlorite inclusions
Quartz with Chlorite inclusions
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Quartz with Chlorite inclusions

Ksar Tassemente, Alnif Commune, Tinghir Province, Drâa-Tafilalet Region  Morocco
minID: N06-D6F
184mm x 94mm x 81mm
$749 *
Novelty, from a so far unpublished Moroccan locality: Floater growth of large flattened Quartz crystals, doubly terminated, with very marked parallel aggregates with a comb-like morphology, transparent, very lustrous and with abundant oriented Chlorite inclusions.
Ksar Tassemente, Alnif Commune, Tinghir Province, Drâa-Tafilalet Region  Morocco (01/2020)

Specimen size: 18.4 × 9.4 × 8.1 cm = 7.24” × 3.70” × 3.19”

Main crystal size: 9 × 5.4 cm = 3.54” × 2.13”
Data last checked on 21st Oct 2021
Ref: EBD90AN6
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