Quartz with Fuchsite phantoms
Quartz with Fuchsite phantoms Quartz with Fuchsite phantoms
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Quartz with Fuchsite phantoms

Anovitra, Ambatofinandrahana, Fianarantsoa Province, Madagascar
minID: NH3-8HK
115mm x 67mm x 61mm
Choice, esthetic, colorful and in fine condition. From the single find a few years ago of the Quartz with clear tips and sharp green phantoms inside the terminations. Other green Fuchsite Quartz were found in the past but this unique find had the distinct phantoms clearly visible in the transparent top parts of the crystals, not lower in the milky bodies as was known before. This piece has an array of over a dozen free standing crystals in exceptional condition. Only one small crystal has a little contact on the backside, otherwise the terminations are pristine, undamaged. Not many specimens were recovered in this fine condition especially in this size. A great addition to any Quartz suite or just as an esthetic collection piece.
Data last checked on 1st Dec 2021 - specimen may no longer be available

Ref: AX-11-184
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From: A Bijoux
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