Fluorite - Zoned phantom crystals, classic locale
Fluorite - Zoned phantom crystals, classic locale Fluorite - Zoned phantom crystals, classic locale
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Fluorite - Zoned phantom crystals, classic locale

Bergmannisch Gluck, Frohnau, Ore Mts, Annaberg-Buchholz Erzgebirge, Saxony, Germany
minID: 5TD-QDK
47mm x 45mm x 32mm
A very well formed, sharp, transparent yellow Fluorite with purple and blue zoning. From a classic Erzgebirge area mine but from a recently collected picket. Better in person this backlights very well too, (strongly backlit photos are quite misleading, these photos are more typical of normal display conditions). Well composed and esthetic this is an excellent German Fluorite.
Data last checked on 15th Oct 2021 - specimen may no longer be available

Ref: 16.1-717
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