Epistilbite - type locality
Epistilbite - type locality Epistilbite - type locality Epistilbite - type locality
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Epistilbite - type locality (Ref: 17.1-015)

Berufjord, Djupavogshreppur, Eastern Region, Iceland
88mm x 79mm x 43mm
A sizable old cabinet specimen of well-crystalized Epistilbite from the type locality. The largest crystal exceeds 2 CM which is very large for the specie and locality. There are several habits present on the specimen and crystals are both the typical colorless to white and some tiny pinks as well. Though not a truly rare mineral, Epistilbite is far less common than Stilbite with which it has some similarities. An excellent and very large specimen for this classic Icelandic location. Two earlier labels included, this was x-ray confirmed by the late Dr Joe Mandarino.
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