Piemontite with Braunite
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Piemontite with Braunite (Ref: TFR14AP7)

Saint-Marcel, Aosta Valley (Val d'Aosta)  Italy
49mm x 37mm x 22mm
$139 *
Deformed acicular Piemontite crystals with a reddish color, on matrix, with black aggregates of Braunite.
An Italian classic, from the type locality for the species, which comes to us from the old collection of Robert-Auguste Touchon and which has an old handwritten label with the specimen information attached to the back.
Saint-Marcel, Aosta Valley (Val d'Aosta)  Italy

Specimen size: 4.9 × 3.7 × 2.2 cm = 1.93” × 1.46” × 0.87”
Data last checked on 28th Mar 2023 - specimen may no longer be available

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