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Cavansite with Stilbite
Wagholi, Pune District, Maharashtra, India.
$144 *
40mm x 28mm x 20mm
Gold Wires
Mina San Luis, Ayacucho City.
$451 *
27mm x 17mm x 15mm
Azurite Sun.
Malbunka Copper Mine, Areyonga. Northern Terrirory. Australia.
$102 *
70mm x 60mm x 35mm
Gold Crystal
Mt Kare, Papua New Guinea
$331 *
13mm x 8mm x 5mm
Crystallized Copper
Broken Hill. Australia.
$102 *
20mm x 19mm x 18mm
New Nevada Mine, Batopilas, Chihuahua. Mexico.
$1083 *
60mm x 40mm x 30mm
Gold on Matrix.
Dutchman Mine, Bouse, Plomosa District, Plomosa Mts, La Paz Co., Arizona. United States.
$385 *
42mm x 30mm x 30mm
Crystallized Gold
Mt Kare, Papua New Guinea
$6620 *
55mm x 19mm x 3mm
Fluorite with Dolomite
Elmwood Mine, Smith Co, Tennessee. United States
$175 *
32mm x 22mm x 20mm
Copper Psm Cuprite
Poteryaevskoe Mine, Siberia. Russia
$114 *
32mm x 20mm x 15mm
Native Lead
Langban, Filipstad, Varmland. Sweden.
$211 *
35mm x 15mm x 9mm
Boulder Opal
Yowah, Paroo Shire. South West Queensland. Australia.
$301 *
40mm x 24mm x 17mm
Native Lead
Garpenberg Norra Mine, Hedemora, Dalarna County. Sweden.
$572 *
85mm x 65mm x 55mm
Malachite Psm Azurite
Kerrouchene, Kh
$662 *
77mm x 25mm x 15mm
Amethyst with Epidote
Vera Cruze, los Vigas. Mexico
$301 *
80mm x 70mm x 48mm
Strontianite with Dolomite.
Oberdorf an der Laming. Austria.
$235 *
50mm x 42mm x 35mm
Cuprite on Copper
Rio Tinto Mine, Mountain City. Elko Co. Nevada. United States
$150 *
37mm x 20mm x 13mm
Gold with Bournonite on Quartz
Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
$9991 *
58mm x 43mm x 38mm
Crystallized Copper
Bou Nahas. Oumjrane M.D. Morocco
$54 *
38mm x 21mm x 10mm
Adelaide Mine, Dundas Tasmania. Australia
$451 *
63mm x 30mm x 12mm
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