About Us

MINFIND is designed to offer the collector instant access to the best minerals available for sale on the web. MINFIND helps you browse, search, compare and view specimens from the top mineral dealers worldwide, all in one place! Using MINFIND you can easily compare specimens from reputable mineral dealers, world-wide, so you can make the right purchase decision based on your personal collection preferences. Use MINFIND to compare minerals from different dealers, then transfer automatically to the dealer's website to purchase directly from them.

Established by Jolyon Ralph from mindat.org in 2009, MINFIND now enjoys additional operational and financial support of MineralDesk Software, a company dedicated to ensuring that our hobby is accessible to everybody, no matter where they are, what device they use, or platform they are on. Together the MINFIND team, works tirelessly to improve access speeds, usability and interoperability between devices. As always, MINFIND uses the best technology available today.

As a mature platform, MINFIND continually works with mindat.org to improve quality of information in respect of species and localities. The result is that MINFIND is built on a mineral taxonomy that all minerals people, love, enjoy and cherish. You get the information that collectors need to make informed decisions. As a collector, you can choose the best mineral, based on your preferences and budget. MINFIND makes it easy to compare minerals and then choose the right mineral!

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